Yoga and Dharma




Paramshiva – Arrive in Reality

Yoga is a process of reconnection of Body and mind, an interface for the Soul in the world of Matter. The ultimative goal is to overcome Avidya, the spiritual ignorance to set yourself free in respect to all living entities. In refering your practice to an authorised source, to a Guru and in faith to the commitment of selfpractice, you will experience the cosmic sound through the body of knowledge, the sound what carries emotions and sensations. These, often stored in our senses adept release through direct observation. This process is stimulating and prepares yourself to take action to proceed well-being and integrity.  Radanath Swami, Mumbai, India

METTA MEDITATION aus aktuellem Anlass. Mitgefühl und Güte in die Welt senden, praktiziere mit mir



„Eine Yogastunde bei Verena ist eine Entdeckungsreise durch den eigenen Körper. Verena führt mich an die Grenze meiner Bewegungsmöglichkeiten und erläutert dabei immer neue Facetten der Übungen.“

Nadine, Yoga Schülerin, Zürich 2019

„Verena verfügt über ein vertieftes and fundiertes Grundwissen bezüglich Yoga und Körperarbeit. Ihre Stunden berauschen jedesmal auf ein Neues, weil sie keinem fixen Schema folgt. Dadurch und durch ihre vor Vitalität sprühenden Persönlichkeit, werden ihre Klassen zum Erlebnis. Man fühlt sich danach geerdet und gleichzeitig leicht und beschwingt. Die Wirkung ist nachhaltig. “

Kaspar Weiss, Yogi, Zürich 2019

After taking yoga classes for a few years, I wanted more individual attention to make sure I was performing the asanas correctly and efficiently. In addition, I wanted a more tailor made experience so I could focus on my problem areas. I happened to visit one of Verena’s classes, and immediately got the impression that she would be a great choice as a private teacher due to her informative, calm and entertaining way of teaching. She has a great way of explaining the exercises so that you understand how to position your body. But more importantly, she is always up for a good laugh and some fun during the class. She is flexible when it comes to adjusting the exercises to better fit me and my body. For the last few years, it has been a great experience learning from Verena, both in her classes and privately!

Kelly Hess, Yoga practitioner Zürich 2019